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Project art

Project art

Plan 2 

Audience : Morning bird 

One season min  : 40% duaration : Between 3 and 1/2 years 

Ideas :  Write your own plan stranger, and here .. 
Symbol : 
a)  Tide liquid : PG - NYSE ... $ 91.17
b)  Radio channel : SIRI - NASCAD ... $ 5.69
c)  Farm : CPB - NYSE ... $ 33.96
d) Guinness drink : Guinness Nigeria PLC -  NYSE ... $ 63
e)  Owl animal : PETC - DOW JONES ... $ 27
f)  Flower : 1800flower,inc - NASCAD ... $ 12.88
g)  Olympic sport : SMSEY - NYSE ... $ 15.46
h)  Clother : EBHI - NASCAD ... $ 8.72 

Amounts = $ 249.61 per share 

Conclusion : I'm ready for next year. 

Memo : 
Econ. market goes into bear for 22 months, so leave the investment after 2020 November 1 or so. Good luck on fortune. 

Herrick 1-10-2019

Wait until Nov. 2020, I 'm not take any responsible. 

My little introduction .. ٩(^◡^) 

I love you .. He who has to write something to make you think to feels happy. Is the first time to make a conclusion to the rest of an idea through out this pity picture. Seconds he who has a rule for the time to get into cold door of professional. I have calculate the key to these selling point, for change I would have information approach to market place. Thousand of things in order to get thousand of dollar into the pocket. Then things came up, your choice not always as daily routine as close to object figure. You have to realize what might already changes to your own belief success for formulation the market consumer want. As long as you are different taste than anyone else would see. You will be okay. So, I would chose to mention the lovely women and family like to get pity picture approach to tears of signal. I would like  to notice many of us would be full joy in cold summer. That's will be an ideas point we all evolve controversy about talent and giving toast for the time of winter. By the time we get to an end of the best, special thanks to all reader.

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