Poem -

2996 Souls

2996 Souls

It's hard to believe these things actually happen. It's hard to comprehend that this is what we've made after all this time. It's hard to believe that there's a Heaven...it's hard to believe...

Eighteen years,
Trapped in one day
One day in our lives
Will never go away

Horrors unseen
As they climbed down the stairs
Only memories of love
They went back with our prayers

The faces of the living
Still caught in that day
The hearts of the giving
Still proud where they lay

Thousands of lives
Within a crash
Millions of dreams
Strewn in the trash

We say 'how can You allow this?'
But He lets us run free
And we never do notice
Someone other than 'me'

The dawn of the 11th
We'll never forget
As our souls flew away
On a dire jumbo jet.


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Cherie Leigh

Hi Matthew.  What a tragic day indeed!  I know it will haunt me forever.  I can remember being home with my young son, Collin when the news came on.  My husband at the time was suppose to be fly to New York and have a meeting in the towers that morning, but someone took his place to go on the trip.  The man that went in his place did not die because he was in the second tower that fell and they evacuated the building before it fell.  However, he did develop cancer as an after effect from breathing the air from all the debris.  He almost died but is in remission now.   My daughter, Ava saw the footage at school today of people jumping out the windows to avoid being burned, but falling to their death.  It really spooked her.  It was the most tragic terrorist act I remember here in America.  I am sure with you living in NY that it really hit home how horrible it was.  I am glad you wrote this to remind us all of how vulnerable we are.  It should make us all want to stand united and be grateful for our lives.  Great honorable write. ox  Love n Hugs, Cheerie 

A Lonely Journey

Hi Cheerie, 
Terrible, wasn't it? And it's amazing how many people it affected, besides the 3000 people that died. My sister lived in Manhattan at the time, and could see things going down outside her window. Fortunately, she and her family were OK, but it's such and unbelievable thing, you just wonder HOW things like that, and the Holocaust, etc. actually happen...it boggles the mind. You know, though, it does make you appreciate the wonderful people you meet in life, like yourself, so thank you for being you, you're a beautiful contrast to these unimaginable events. 
And thanks for commenting! 




That terrible day will never leave the memories of those who lived through it or saw it play out. On that day, my son had been admitted to hospital having badly broken his arm  and had just been taken down to theatre. A few minutes later nurses were rushing about very aggitated  and called me into the nurses station..I thought something bad had happened to my son, and was shaking like a leaf.....but it was the tv  and the images we were looking at that had  caused their  shock..we watched it play out and were horrified.....at first believing it was a terrible accident   then slowly the realisation that it was so much more.The world did change that day..but there was something positive that also happened that day..people everywhere,of all nationalities, felt a 'oneness' with our American cousins and  truly shared their sorrow and felt more united with them than ever before. Your words remind us of a sad time that most of us will never forget but  for me also a sense of togetherness with fellow human beings that no differences in Politics or any other views should ever diminish. Be proud of what you have written My Honorary grandson !  Grammy xx

A Lonely Journey

Hi Grammy! 
Thank you for telling me your story(was that my honorary dad? lol), and for commenting, I really appreciate it. 
See how it affected sooooo many people! It made you scared unnecessarily. Horrible thing. Like I was telling Cheerie above, my sister lived in Manhattan at the time, and saw things as they were happening. Thank God she's OK, but what about these poor, other people. It's a hard world, to figure, and live in. Thank God for nice people, like you. 

Thanks Grammy!!