Poem -

A BAD PARTY (edited final draft)

A BAD PARTY (edited final draft)

 I was invited to a party
By a dubious friend of mine
He said it might get a little 
Might find it crossed the line

Looking for adventure
Feeling like a man of the world
I thought this can’t be to bad
We’ll just give it a little whirl

It was grey, hot and dusty
A white trash social day
Nobody had a full set of teeth
But that seems to be ok

It was way out in the Country
On somebody's rundown farm,
Just far enough from the neighbors
To cause no one alarm

It weren’t the smartest but the meanest
That found themselves in charge,
And the girls held all the interest 
It didn’t matter small or large

Bubba shot a dog for fun 
It turned out it was Ivy’s,
And old Jimmy Don shot Bubba 
Just to stop little Ivy's cryin'

Now Opal was Bubba's sister, 
Full of whiskey and of crack,
She started shootin' at everybody 
Just to pay old Jimmy Don back

Some were jumpin' outa windows 
Bobby was hidin' behind the couch,
Opal shot him twice in the stomach 
Before he could crawl back out

She ran outa bullets 
And needed a drink and a hit,
So she watched Bobby dying 
There in his blood and shit

It was black and white and dusty
a white trash social day
Nobody had a full set of teeth
But that seemed to be ok...................................................


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John DeFoore Jr

This needed editing,
an experiment with rhyme,
So I finally finished it
Just now found the time

John DeFoore Jr

 I went to a party very close to this when I was much younger,guns and all. Could’nt act like it but scared me to death!!
thanks for reading

Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Oh my!  I cannot imagine a party like this....Parties don't usually end in bullets flying and death!  "Crazy" is not even an appropriate adjective to describe this party scene...I wanted to hide just reading it....lol  Wild!  Not the kind of party I would want to attend for sure!  Described well and flowed great.... xo Cherie

John DeFoore Jr

I was more adventurous than smart in my younger days.
i cleaned it up for the poem.
i was really scared but you couldn’t show it.
thanks for reading

Nigel Cresswell

Hi John, On the whole life in the UK is nothing like that but in my hell-bent youth I used to knock about with the Hells Angels. I too have been to that party.
Uncomfortable reminder, great write.