Poem -

a depressing tendency to rant

a depressing tendency 
to rant.

i have a depressive tendency to rant im 
told by inside sources. (pun intended?) lol

why is it that those who get closer to
spirit, feel more distanced from the 
monotony of average life which is truthfully
the foundation of their most profound

(and was that a question, or an answer with
a question mark after it?)

(or perhaps more importantly
will combining such distinctions
lead them towards new perils?)

how many rules can an artist break
before he ceases to be an artist and
becomes a blasphemer of the art he
killed a world of muses to envision
and create!!!?

all this and more.

(after a brief intermission followed by
an eerie, awkward silence,
that used to scream into us before our
souls became the shit-pans for every
foul thing.)

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Tony Taylor

Dude!!..... this is strangely humorous and depressing!!..... literarily adept, biting, and nonsensical!!...... poetically ~ Prose!!...... smiles.....LOVED it!!.... especially..... the final stanza!!......KILLER fun J!!......🐧❤😊