Poem -

a letter to my love

A Letter to My Love.
(from the bottomless
pit of my heart.)

I was going to begin this
piece with the Novel
expression: "From the
Bottom of my Heart"..
but such a sentiment would
be grossly inaccurate in
describing the  depths of
my Love for you.

(Because You make
my Heart A Bottomless

So..My Love..from the
Bottomless Pit of My
Heart, I Love you with
a depth no words can

You are so Unique, that
no classic images of Angels
or Goddesses called forth
in the Mind can do Justice
to the Ideal you represent.

You are: Hope, Redemption,
Grace, Certainty, Tranquility,
Beauty, Salvation, and Perfection
all contained within the wondrously
Divine Image of a Single Person;
Offering my Lone Soul a Reprieve
from the desperate sense of isolation
which has Haunted Me so many
years of shadowy Life.

And I realize (with all due humility)
that it is by grace alone that
you choose to stand by Me during
those Dark Moments when I'm
torn between My Shadow Self,
and the Finer Aspects of My Nature.

I WILL defeat this Thing within
which tries to destroy the sacred
blessings that I've come to know
in your Presence.

For in You I've found the Noblest
Muse, and am empowered by
Forces greater than my Weaker
Self to Overcome the Darkness,
and Build Mansions in My Heart
for All of the Watching World to

I shout your Name from Rooftops

(From the Bottomless pit of
My Heart.)


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It is sad that great art like this is not recognized by other readers here.  This is a perfect creative for of art, created by ink.  Love the imagery.  Love the suspense. You Rock brother

Marion Price

Yay!!! Narrative not nonsense ...finally!! Excellent heartfelt words of beauty...🌹🌹

Cherie Leigh

I love this one J!  Of course I am bias to love poems..but this is so original in expressing the depths of feelings from his heart....Bravo J!  I envision this endless pit....meaning there is never hitting bottom with his emotions...just a continuum....I love that concept.  xo ;)