Poem -

A Little Innocence

A Little Innocence

Snails and pails and ponytails  
Holding hands upon the trails  
A train chugs slowly down the rails  
In thoughts of you, love never fails  
Beauty lies within your soul  
And Heaven is to where we stole  
I gazed at stars within your eyes  
That shamed the gorgeous, midnight skies
While all about the fuss went on  
The crowds, the fight, the angry dawn  
But as the world fell to the ground  
Your angel voice, the only sound  
I wish my life upon a star  
Catch lightning bugs within a jar  
Tug the hair that's held with braids  
And pray your virtue never fades  
For as I look at you today  
My youthful heart will ever stay  
In twinkling lights of little stars  
A nursery rhyme that's only ours.  


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Cherie Sumner-Taylor

I love this!  I think we all need to hold onto as much of that little innocence as possible....I love the picture!  That sense of youthfulness and wonder can stay when we open our hearts.  Lovely imagery of that magical feeling...I can relate. xo ;)

A Lonely Journey

Hi Cherie! 
Thank you so much!! 
Isn't it true, though? Innocence seems so lost these days. 
I'm glad you liked it, and are the person you are! 
You're sweet.