Poem -

a self honest poem

a self-honest poem.

"they say" (whoever
they happen to be)
there's no salvation
in a pill.

but i pop a few with
coffee anyway.

hopin more nerves

before they kill.

(what once was
me, and now is

by noon my 
gives into 
BLUES again,

(not that im
keepin score.)

to justify visits
from a former 

(a religious pill
that scarce affects
me anymore.)


i wake up to 
yesterday three
thoughts away
from my apocalyptic
future self..

and they say
this is genius...

(but i say its hell.)



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Richard Waters

HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY. Normally, they of virtue declare. But in extreme circumstances it can make you prey to circumspection of a differing nature to that expected. You live and learn the fundamentals of knowledge, letting you understand when to remain silent to preserve integrity.
The example set, in being held up for assessment, makes you the case which demands careful practical reactions, to limit damaging influences beyond normal conditions. If you tie your pillar to the post in certain ways then you must expect relevant intrusions in to your reasoning and motivations for being the exception to the rule of thumb.
Anomalies are not always welcomed, as they portray variation to a theme not normally accepted.
Still, a brave heart is a bold heart. But, THERE ARE BOLD KNIGHTS, AND THERE ARE OLD KNIGHTS......THERE ARE NO OLD, BOLD KNIGHTS. You must consider the consequences of your actions before rushing in. There are warnings from history, you know.
A worthy piece in deed, for showing what being overly adventurous means. :) :) :) No body wishes the joke to be on them !!!!  :) :)
Neat write. Take care.  :)  

Icarus Flocke

thank you sir.

duly noted reflected upon, and acknowledged (as honestly as possible
given the limitations of my own subjective reasoning.)