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A Wish Upon A Star

A Wish Upon A Star

Have you ever made a wish on a shooting star
Have you felt the universe answer from afar
Taut apprehension the outcome not considered
With plans never thought through has this road been littered
No hesitation to my confession of guilt
Enough complications in this house I have built
And karma that sneaky bitch never has been kind
But holy shit it has been a helluva ride
Still, I find myself pondering the dark night sky
The past is what I see my eye perceives the lie

Why have you been wearing shades the color of rose
My reality must be real not just prose

Our children are suffering their future looks bleak
Before the dam breaks, it starts with a tiny leak

We start to drown ever before we see the flood
May it cleanse these dirty streets of innocent blood

My hands are filthy but my soul has remained pure
Peace must reign in some other universe I’m sure

So many outcomes I plead can not peace be one
Countless obstacles on this road before I’m done

Finish what was started before my final rest
Helping my neighbor while knowing of their detest

This altruistic venture has been my life's goal
My prize to your dismay is the future you stole

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