Poem -


This has been the scariest decision
I've ever had to make on one hand it could be heaven,
on the other fire and flames ย 
I dont think I can move my feet,
standing at the crossroad
I feel ive been defeteย 
I've never known the middle
its either high or its low
no leval ground just hanging loose on a rope
dangling in the wind on a mid summers day,
I know I'm out here on my own so I started to sway
breaking myself off of every rockย 
I've never been as aliveย 
Its the pain, I forgot
The anger the hate
It gives me strength when I aint
never had anyone to rely on its beyond mistrust,
and common loss of faith can leave us caught up in an unfaithful lust
Its hard to see the bottom when I've never known I could reach the topย 
One hand infront of the other I'll give it all that ive gotย 
Pulling myself back together againย 
For me this time im not doing it for any lover or friend of any kind
There's no one harder on me than myself
I can't even admit it but sometimes I really do need your help
What can i do when it was me and not you
I couldn't feel i was too blind to see
that what I had infront of me was better than life could ever be
I just threw it all away because I was to afraid of falling in love again

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Wilford Barker

Very well expressed Maggie.. And welcome my friend.

Shirley Rebstock

I like your searching inside yourself for answers, yet willing to accept help.ย  We all need help at times in our lives to help us see what will make us stronger.ย  Very deep thinking and intriguing.ย