Poem -

All knotted up

All knotted up

She smiles and skips over,
seeming perfectly fine.
You see her as happy!
Tied up with a bow.

But inside she's screaming!
She's in turmoil, she's confused.
She's falling fast and knows it!
But yet she's still denying.

"All these tangled thoughts,
can wait a while," says she.
So she shuts herself up...
Let's her heartstrings stay knots...

She needs someone to help her,
and untie her tangled thoughts
but she's afraid to speak,
and so...she isn't sure.

"Don't suffer in silence!" 
Says a voice deep within.
"Knots only get worse
before being untied!"

She stops for a moment,
and thinks of herself,
then remembers the stigma,
and puts it on the shelf.