Poem -

At The End Of The Tunnel

At The End Of The Tunnel

On the brink of death,
She struggled through every breath,
For she had a lot left to try.
A lot to abandon if she were to die.
Demons to face,
And dreams to chase.
With hidden meanings to decipher,
And villainous emotions to conquer,
With hidden cracks to find,
Where the devil reclined,
Let her soul wander,
To find monsters to capture,
And though her days slowly darkened,
Her resolve only hardened,
For she believed,
In what she always knew,
The night is the darkest,
Right before dawn breaks through,
She braced herself.  
To a happier tomorrow,
If she wished to fly,
The cruelty of this depression
She needed to survive. 
For at the end of this tunnel, 
Light shone through, bright and beautiful! 

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Dean Kuch

Hey, Pratiksha Jain.
There are many excellent examples of assonance, consonance and slant rhyme at play here in this free verse offering from you.
Depression can sometimes be just as debilitating an illness as those more easily seen.
Exemplary writing, great work!
Enjoy your weekend.
♥~Dean Kuch~♥