Poem -

At the tips of our tongue

At the tips of our tongue

I don't start talking cause i can't stop, 
With a tongue made of green and a life clock, 
If you hear the screaming don't make it stop, 
It's a hateful world 
So don't push your luck,

Such fools all of them,
For the dreams they bought,
But at the end of the dark,
Your their golden thought 
From the icy heat, 
To a boiling pot,
I could see now why you could never stop, 

Is there any none the wiser, 
Have you given up? 
But for love and for hate, 
Still we say those words, 
They say push your limits,
But i havent one,  
It’s a four it's a five, 
It's that bloody war,

Then theres red, 
And we watch, blood never stop,
see it gush, see it gush,
Our forever bond,
And the dead they do dance,
To our horror song,
Let us laugh, let us laugh,
At the rotting corpse.


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Marion Price

Ohhh...powerful words  Angel...nice write 💕

Being Me

How on earth did I miss this! So glad I found it now because this is an intriguing poem! 😊 x