Poem -

Be you

Be you

The rose ....
the death.... I come ...the show.

‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚ÄčNow you sleep in beauty
of knitted remembrance of dreams
I loving you ......you loving me

Stillness to the beat 
my heart seemed lost here to 
it's rhythms

For love has taken all it pain 
and sadly killed itself
to" your love is my love and my love is your love"

Nothing left of me
but to simply edit lines or deleted
 thoughts I once touched on you....

To you I truly gived my love.....my finger prints left on skin....all over you

I give... I give... I gived

Like gifts in abundance love loving love

Veiled smiles over you for so many days  we not good enough


The king has pointed... fisted thumb to  the ground   

Swords are drawn ..... to the heart....death to the madness.

The crowd roared joyfully.....some giggles behind their feathers..

But before I go.... The last  Iove must be given

I wil come again 
I will .
Only this time with ink...as white as Snow.


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