Poem -

Born with Magic

Born with Magic

I was born the granddaughter of a wood nymph
Born with the grass and the trees in my heart
A part of the nature around me
And an understanding of life and emotion

My grandmother taught me about life
How a broken thing can't be healed
Unless you teach it how to love itself again
For without love in your heart
There is nothing left

I was born the daughter of a dragon
Born with the blood of a warrior in my veins
A fire burning in my lungs
With bravery and patience

My mother taught me about struggles
How no pain and sorrow can ever bring me down
For my wings can lift me higher than anyone
And with the crown of my fire breath
I will never be beneath another

I was raised by a pack of wolves
Raised with loyalty and family
A bond stronger than anything
With respect and protection

My family taught me about unity
How we got each other's back no matter what
For blood does not create a bond
But caring and knowing does
So I will never be alone

I was born with magic in my soul
A granddaughter of the woods
A child of the fire
A member of the wolves
And no one can ever take that away from me

- Mia Terra -