Poem -

Break Free

Break Free

It is not a race
We’re not on the same track
It is a journey 
We’re travelling different paths
Some say it ends in death
Some say there’s no return at the end
I ask “what is the end?”
“Where is it?”
“Who made it?”
I have seen life come out of a dead seed
Even in the cold of Siberia, trees live
Open the file of life and read
You’re not a script unwritten
You’re not a word unspoken
Only if you could escape from the box of definitions
Only if you could get the difference between ‘now’ and ‘then’
You will see beyond the sea
You will know we are not here for the medals
You will know we are here to thrive
You will know we are here to live
You won’t be bound by the lexicon of men
You will go and not be pushed
Sometimes the crowd is nothing but a cloud
Holding the weight of a precipitation
Telling a bright day how dark it has become
If you’re a day, you will know and not be told
The darkness cannot turn you into night

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Tony Taylor

It is more than truth that you've written down in poetic prose here...... it is philosophical & metaphysical TRUTH!!....... we ARE an Ever-Evolving species whose truth is revealed just beyond death....... and then revisited upon re-entering the life-cycle again!!...... try GAIA.com or the GAIA network on You Tube!!......ALL STARS!!...... well done ANTHONY.......T xo 🐧✴❤

Cherie Leigh

Hi Anthony...I think we all should be amazed and wonder where it is we came from and our purpose for our life....to really seek with all our hearts and minds..Great questioning and need to break free from idealisms....Enjoyed. xo Thanks for sharing your talents. ;)


Thanks Cherie. There are a lot of questions unanswered. Hope everyone gets to find him or herself one day.