Poem -

Calling Jan

Calling Jan

Just below the South Summit
Sits the mountaineer, Rob Hall
In his red fleece jacket
The mountain goat of Nepal

Jan did not accompany him
On this last fatal call
She was nine weeks due
With Sarah Arnold-Hall

With frostbitten hands
Rob called on the phone
He asked to speak to his wife
Before he died here alone

His hand still holds that phone
His last words, hearts will touch
'Sleep well my sweetheart
Please don't worry too much'

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Cherie Sumner-Taylor

How very sad!Β  His last thoughts were of his wife and child on the way....staying calm and clear minded, even as he was about to freeze to death.....Emotional to think about....wow....Really touched me, Barry.Β  Β Thank you for sharing.Β  xo ;)Β 

Barry Childs

Thank you, Cherie. I found this last one of my trilogy to be the hardest. It reallyΒ makes me happy that you grasped it. I'm not pretending to be a poet like you and your wonderful husband, but I like to write and I have a thing for these people on that mountain. God bless you, darling. Barry. xxx