Poem -

Chakra Shit

Heart and Baby Brain

Chakra Shit

Dear God!
I wanna burst from inside my mind and travel down my spine to pay my healed heart a good old fashioned house call.
I've been working on my bedside manner and have formed yet another intrinsic view.
"How's it going Heart?!"
"Have I told you lately that I love you?!?"...
*sappy songs...*
My heart knows that my mind is lighter in kind, along a murcurial line.Β 
... I can see my heart propped up in it's Saturn style home (it's sixth house, Cap town), thankful for my visit, but internally wishing me gone.

"Oh Heart! Don't be that'a way...

I'm just here to share the good report of your complete re-coup-eration!"
" You spelled that wrong."

Tsk-tsk-tsk... Seems heart is a tad cranky... But no matter!
Heart will shake the shedding off of that chakra and bounce back prepared for action.

We were worried about the system, symptomatic of systemic traction, aortic infractions, stints for slim passage, irregular beats and stifled songs that half-assed it.

"Dammit Heart cheer the F up and sing till you rattle the rafters!"...

"I've every intention to do just that,... If you'll pipe down and leave me to my napping, and while I appreciate this awesome news,... That's a directive and not an asking 🀨"... 

Ole hard assed Heart... 🧐
sleep on and rest, get your better best, discharge nurse got ya paperwork at the desk."

... A dry wit and calm demeanor belie Heart's elation. I saw the shimmer of the tears of joy rushing heavily down her face,...
BigΒ bad tough assed baby.
I'm glad the news is optimistic because there was no room left for waiting.
A right circulation, apoptosis stayed and sated, mend the breachs in all the barriers between Mamma Heart and her Brain baby.
Too big for it's wrinkled britches but grey matter is never faded.

Heart has always given thanks and praises that her baby Brain is amazing, worked a root through sacral wilderness and met the hinterland wearing a crown.
And as soon as her throat is better she'll be telling all about it.


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