Poem -



A dream, a dream oh dream
profound, vivid as a shooting star 
captivated by muffled sleep
I dream, a dream oh dream
an airport of some sort 
jasmine white, pristine and new
echoing the sounds of a virgin abode, it seems so 
a dream, perplexed and in trance 
a feeling of unrest so real
oh dream, you dawn hushed tears 
you recognize what’s coming 

As I swelter, toss and turn 
I discern it’s only a dream 
in a distance, my gaze breaks on a saintly face 
not foreign to my eyes, my dear sister
you stand in tranquil, you are so close and yet so far away 
I sense a fear, a fear so unnerving 
it’s just a dream, oh dream

Numbing air consuming the airport 
my meandering vision paused in a flurry
a despondent man so still and staring beneath
this man needs some aid
soon my benign thoughts hit a fence
by a rather concerning voice 
the soul I have known all my life 
oh, dear father, your presence feels a lifetime of hope 
it’s only a matter of time 
before we embrace you, follow you home 

Battling between time and life
my conscience commends compassion and sorts 
as I tread towards this young man
with every uninhibited step 
the angelic voice faintly withdraws 
stunned as I gently curve to grasp his human face
a grisly sight, manifests itself
fractured bloody skull to his right 
a certain panic in me disintegrates into a million thoughts 
barren face, icy as a snow flake
his effortless sight, boarded to the ground 
he speaks no word 
he voices no pain

Living is a journey 
it is here, I seek mercy 
as I ignored the cries of my dear father 
I marched to a realm defined by humanity
the heart commanding to save a life
the mind on the other hand rambling away
father oh father I won’t be long 
sky-high glass impressively standing tall
the only barricade between our dear father and us

A dream and yet so compelling
a moment of togetherness, so casually I evaded
I lay staring into the hollow space
it was just a dream I brushed away
as I slumbered into a momentary tranquil 
twittering birds, whiff of crisp air, a new day dawned
funny dream, oh dream
as the mind in me drifted aimlessly
a certain panic touched my wisdom

Hope in vain, time eludes living
a pure extradition of the soul
death, is just what I dreamed 
ludicrous to the true mind
subconsciously, an eloquent reprimand 
the thinker in me whispered 
it’s only a dream 

A dream, a dream, oh dream
the sun at its peak
my chirping friends I hear no more
dream you are a distant memory 
for a fleeting moment, merely
a warning I snubbed, only to spiral back in haste

Oh, dear father, the heavenly bodies called upon you 
a crossing of bliss I hope and pray 
tender tears caressing the warmth of my cheeks
as I grieve in perpetual pain 
your earthly frame in perfect harmony 
a journey as pure your soothing soul embarks
goodbye oh dear father
as you exit this sphere        


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Tony Taylor

Dear NEETHA Y!!......I haven't been around much lately but am feeling so fortunate to have come back in time to catch this most STELLAR write of yours...... it nearly sings in its cadence....... drawing in the reader...... into the dream...... with VERY calculated poetic timing which I rarely have the opportunity to encounter on this site...... you're gifted with words and I implore you to never give up on this most underappreciated art form...... if you were alive and well at the end of the 1800's ......you would be a ROCK STAR!!...... that was friggin' BRILLIANT writing.......ALL STARS!!...... please consider me a fan!!......I am your newest cyber-friend and admirer........T xo 🐧✴👍✴🐧

Neetha Y

Dear Tony- I don’t have words to express after reading your gracious comment on this site. Thank You for appreciating my poem as this poem is very dear to my heart. Whatever I have expressed in my poem is precisely what I dreamed the night before my dear dad passed. That morning I was a bit muddled by this dream but in a few hours I realized this dream was some sort of a premonition. Sometimes we just don’t understand this life and beyond. 
Your admirable words are truly encouraging and it feels wonderful that there are people out there who truly appreciate this beautiful forte of art!! Thank You.