Poem -



You satisfy the craves you create
Once inhaled slowly healthy lungs and liver fails 
An uncontrollable thirst is ignited by desire
For the taste of your cancer consuming fire

Refreshing to the mind your vapors are 
One will face the elements to inhale and exhale your tar
Creating clouds with smells of their own
But unable to free oneself from your grip and hold 

You are the silent killer loved by man
Making him feel invincible with a pack in his hand 
You are unwrapped and tapped 
Before you grace his lips
Then after a few pulls through his fingers you slip

You ascend to the heavens 
While his health falls to the dust
Destroying his vocals with a calculated thrust 

With all of mans wisdom and knowledge of the stars
Many are forever held captive 
By filtered and unfiltered sticks of tar.

Wilford Barker.

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Wilford....I am thankful I do not smoke or have an addiction to nicotine...but for many it has them under its spell despite the high health risks...It is scary.  I think my children will never smoke and seem to understand its risks...but back in the day, people did not know at first  how bad it was and it was too late to change....I don't think vaping is helping either.  So many kids are getting into that now.  Great awareness write. xo ;)

Wilford Barker

Hi Cherie.. thanks for your support and comments.. Hopefully something I say can encourage someone and motivate them to quit. 
Thanks again my friend. 

Johnny Walker

Wilford as a smoker who had  given up almost 2 years, but sadly went back to It when my wife sadly passed some people just dont realise excactly how addictive somking Is and even If you are successful In giving smoking up as I was there's Is alway a temptation  you could
back to It as did myself
So your poem Is so Important with Its message that sometimes we dont realise how addictive smoking can realy be some not all canl just give up personally myself I believe Tobbaco company should  held accountable for getting our young addicted by Increasing nicotine level to get them even more addicted  and certainly for the deaths they cause especially now we know so much more about what smoking dose the damage  to health and of death