Poem -


Our Own Demise


Under the peel of plastic
Through thick and thin of glue
There stays a painting marked by time
Both gray and pink in hue

Behind the propaganda
Age licks and bites away
No cape of advertisements ward-
From tides of lifetime’s bay

Avarice taketh the eyes
Of onlookers abound
Concealed with wealthy market lies
Run beauty to the ground

Overtop they write the words:
“Stay young forevermore”
While worms and dust eat underneath
Unleash the frogs of war 

The painting is the witness
As man corrodes earth
The layers fall as ashes burn
Humanity: the hearth

When war ends ‘with a whimper’
And Father Time is dead
May wrinkled fortune fade away
And soul be in its stead

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Absolutely fantastic. I couldn’t have said it better if I tried!