Poem -

Cosmic callings

Arc and stone

Cosmic callings


A black widow came to dreams fame
       A part in the twisted fall where I wake
         but memories once left in dreams pages as wakes fade them into days accenting
the natural lids raise curtains to the outer visual dimension
    She said remember me beyond the minds webs we used to play
But it was when u were a baby and I was about to reincarnate
now the white widow until we grow and meet again
while we seek and We hide come find me or I’ll find u in the program
to restore the old plan
        Another rotate of a past romance spiritually united until that stretch pulls back
  A renewed vow to always and forever hold hands
         Love with no limits as the dream never fades but moves to the vision of conformation
  As I dream while I wake swimming deep as we arc behind matching eyes pull together until shallows then shell peak the full embrace
                            the time missed in between mental breakage on the next atmospheric entry
   Our inner skies now finishing from spark to full carved love everlasting for two hearts
beat times changes of fully painted god arts
     Mined spaces of inner bark now lit what once went dark
Voids stoned until the sun is just right to catch the over the horizon type view
     Prophetic but perfect when properly projected
then chosen to allow natures full embrace to guide and protect this
         A new notebook
souls mate once again
No test just timing with the next and final land
    Loves depth rising no Black Forest subconsciously suppressed
now a telepathic reengaged come back to me quest
Beauties true kiss no more sleep just seek until find then rest
We’re back the final red and white rose
All colors no minds prison eyes prism crystalizing past free will
orchestrating angelic crafts first sight universal long awaited alignment fill
        no release grip again hearts still 🌹
      Poetry at its  finest point head to toe never just written to stay then go
     truth freed equals opportunity aligned thibacks next evolution of what we seek
     That philosophical in motion prose
Never stalled in vanities pose
          Once again we finally meet lost sounds
Heard now we finally speak
      The eve I’ll never forget sleep or walking I dream for that day I dream now brought

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