Poem -

the exonerated five

the exonerated five

quivered by the justice system 
fear ramming this bloody psyche 
mindboggling to simply envision
the quandary of the exonerated central park five 
can’t contain my emotions 
as I plunge into enlightening myself
their combat with anguish, despair and forlorn hope
heart wrenching for sons that young
broken spirits, innocence blemished
darting into a tunnel of uncertainties 
gathering to simply survive…
the callousness of human nature
meandering prejudice and bigoted mindset 
what has become of integrity?
truth finally surfaced, outlives this treacherous grim reality 
a little too late... perhaps survival has seen it all...

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Neetha N

Thank You Sarfraz for your kind words of appreciation. It’s very encouraging!