Poem -

crimson love

crimson love

sweet-smelling, fizzy wine
scintillating ruby red 
twirling harmoniously 
dancing in the wind 
oscillating with every beat of melody 
heaven in paradise 
savour the palate of joy
crimson love as it seems
an unparalleled panache 
the endless bliss of wonderland
a bouncy companion in good times 
a staunch mate when life looks pale...

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Tony Taylor

Hi NEETHA!!.....You delivered some VERY unique phrasing here that in turn creates some VERY memorable poetic imagery ~

           ~ "Savor the palate of joy
               Crimson Love as it seems
               An unparalleled panache...."

Your love of words and wordplay shines beautifully here......ALL STARS!!..... keep up the good work dear poet sister!!......a pleasure......LOVE & RFOCKETS!!.......T xo 🐧✴❤

Neetha Y

Dear Tony- once again, you blew me away with your flattering words😊 thank you for taking the time to read my poem and glad you enjoyed  it✨🌟