Poem -

Crying Heart

Crying Heart

you ask me to forget my past
how can I turn my mind off 
on everything that has made me......me

yes I grew up hard and laughed at
it only made me luv less fortunate souls
who I could relate to more as years flew by

I’m thankful for all the bad and good
cause they are lessons in life 
never thought you would be the most painful

time has become still in my heart
when we met my cruel past seemed to go away
I can only remember when I started luving you

from that very moment it’s been you & me
names inked like a sacred song on each other’s hearts
now purple ink bleeds thru cracks of broken promises

stains of spoiled luv make me wonder how long 
in my future will yesterday’s pain I might still morn
or become another past I fight to leave behind 

I’m praying when today and tomorrow
are not rewinds of what yesterday was 
my mind will have conquered the after effect of us

God watches over me......so I believe anything is possible
(Inspired by a few conversations)

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Cherie Leigh

Oh dear girlfriend!...How I feel the pain behind this write with you!  I understand so well the words you express from your own pain, and I mingle them in with relating to my own in life.....Some loves you just do not forget. You have such a strong conquering spirit though....I learn so much from you.  Your words have such power in them.  I believe in you.  It's hard to let go of what you have known and believed in with all you have to give.  Only time can sometimes help that kind of pain.....at least I hope it does. Hearts need to cry sometimes, and in that feel such intensity of why it is worth crying sometimes.  You have such a tender caring heart that comes out in your poetry.  I love this and I am pinning it.  xo Much love n hugs