Poem -

Curse of Alzheimer's

Curse of Alzheimer's

The details are slipping through my fingers,  
Emptiness is all that lasts, 
But why this hopelessness, 
Connected to the confounding memory of my past?  

Was it a tragedy? 
Or was I pleasantly surprised? 
The details are since lost to me, 
Yet they left me fragmented. 

Collecting every shattered piece, 
I tried to solve this puzzle in my head, 
However, Missing shards of the story, 
I was left helpless as my wounds bled.

And though I still try to fill in the blanks, 
The gaps that obscure my vision, 
I have become accustomed to facing failure, 
Accepting oblivion as my constant companion.  

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Cleo Tomi Olajide

Powerful expressive write. welcome to cosmofunnel. warm regards.

Ramya Chandramohan

Now look who is here.... Welcome darling .... Great one.... ❤️

Tony Taylor

Wow P.J.!!....this is an excellent poetic view from inside the mind of the sufferer!!...... well crafted poetic prose here with some VERY powerful phrasing creating memorable imagery!!......ALL STARS!!..... great début piece!!..... and..... in case no one has said so......WELCOME to COSMO!!......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo 🐧✴❤

Pratiksha Jain

Thank you.. It was but a description of what i think they victims of the disease face.. grateful though, that I could convey it easily enough..