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Distortion Of Perception

Distortion Of Perception

What are you.. Running from? It'd seem as if the heart has gotten numb with the cold hearted feeling of rejection.. Can't face our projections but expecting others to accept our reflections when we're only seeing their imperfections, neglecting the fact that perfection.. Is only an idea. Mental erections stemming from the shallow surface that only appeals.. To the eyes. Yet, surprised by the lost opportunities although led with sight seen behind closed blinds.. Closed to being afraid.. Can't face the images within the mirror so you step away.. From your yourself. So caught in the black and white frames of the past that the grey can't be grasped, the last straw has been clasped by the pride in which you invest your energy into.. Can't address the shadows so the light fails to see that the enemies within you are causing these tendencies to.. Control you. You're allowing the ego to console the soul not knowing that although you're holding onto pain it shows, the seeds within fails to grow because you can't see that seasons changes for a reason and it's apart of your growth.. There's a beacon of light within you that wishes to dance with your shadows, but this strange music in which your soul compose has to align with the beliefs in which you hold, and I know.. That you believe in love. But there's a lack trust and you must.. Forgive. Stop reliving in the moments that has faded into history and unlock the mysteries of its teachings, breaching the barriers that has prevented you from reaching.. Your heart. Broken and torn apart by dreams bought and lost, brought into happiness only to find that it's not what you thought.. Replays of falling without being caught, reality fought and the wins can't be attained because in your head you've already been conquered instead.. Of conquering. Wondering.. Where did you go wrong? So much thought into the thoughts of feelings that once were strong, the sensation of knowing that you belonged to memories that has been gone along the lines of time.. Mountains climbed and still.. There's not a good view. Focusing on the negative has created a picture containing a crew.. Of mistakes. The heart aches as intuition offers to take its place and remake the misery into something of value that can be placed at stake.. And it's a transformation. You can't see the value within you because you've placed your mind onto things that hinders truth.. No insight gained and clarity has yet to be attained, questioning the choice in allowing your emotions to be chained.. By the unexplained. Abstaining to love but surrendering to lust.. Emotional healing has become a fallacy as it's a safer zone in lust.. But what does it take to touch.. The heart? Love has yet to depart but it must be expressed in order to be taught.. To trust. Vulnerability is the only possibility of aiming for inner peace, but the heart must always meet.. With the mind. In time your perception will collide with the will of your expressions regarding the expansion of your consciousness as the two of them rhymes.. With your spirit. All it takes is for you to create.. A moment to hear it.

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Silent Dreamer

Beautifully written piece. I love how in depth you went and the flow of this. I completely agree with the message you're giving here!