Poem -



I see you so clearly as I lay in my bed,
You’ve told me you are fine as you have kissed my bowed head,

I have raced to reach you and can’t always get near,
I have walked on glass and I have wondered with fear.

We have met in your house, in the theatre, outdoors,
You have seen all our babies and all the in-laws.

You told me you’re proud, which really pulled on my heart,
You have told me my family is off to a great start.

At times we have spoken, and others your just there,
But that’s all I needed to know you still care.

Sometimes I wake and try to return,
And others I feel I had something to learn.

You have appeared in places with family and friends,
Just to show me that your life never ends.

I know that you are happy and there is no more fight,
I know this because Grandad is holding you tight.

By morning I can’t wait to tell others you came,
But when I start it’s not quite the same.

There is times when I am down you still make me feel tall,
And I often believe I am not dreaming at all.

I was told “it gets easier” by all that could tell,
I wish easy would start, because it still hurts me like hell!

I miss you so much, you got your wings and you are beaming,
But to me you are still Grandma so I will never stop dreaming.


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Marion Price

So very sad and full of love, some souls touch us in a special way regardless of our connection to them, I still feel this way about my nan and I'm a nan myself. She was my soulmate, my comfort, my guiding light, she still is...believe. Beautiful verse 💕

Rachel Lewis

thank you very much, i am touched you liked it :)

Richard Waters

YOU CAN DREAM, YOUR LIFE AWAY, YOU KNOW. And, there are " nightmares " to consider. These, can be preferred to " dream states "....if you require more !!! It, is about finding " interest " where you NORMALLY do not. Is it, not so ?
IN THE " HEAT OF THE KITCHEN " you, discover MORE about yourself, than you could imagine. Through acknowledgement of sex and " death " you meet the end, of YOUR CHOICE. Happy, in the realms of " fantasy ", removing you from what hurts. In the place, which " educates ", you are lost to the " Nirvana " that excites, or mystifies. Are you not ?
What, is better than understanding yourself COMPLETELY. And, what you desire and what you need. Quasi-surrealist " impressionism " does not cover it. More, is required. Even, if it is to raise questions, alone ? :)
The birth, of the " light fantastic " and the " dark horses " takes you on a journey, like no other, into experiences which share the spiritual, as well as the " material "....OBVIOUSLY. Is that, not always the case, though ?
To discover all you can be, you have to " define yourself " and what lifts you to the "wonder of it all ", even beyond "faith " and " truth " !!! :) :) What a release from the " battlefield " of existence. Here, none dismiss intent to " LEARN " MORE. Do they ?
Very informative write on this " subject " !! It, is bold. It, is fresh. It, is appealing.

Rachel Lewis

Thank you very much for your comment. Very much appreciated. X