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Eliss of Bliss (Dark Edition)

Eliss of Bliss (Dark Edition)

Eliss of Bliss (Dark Edition)
Evening fire kindles in the heat of summer &
Lays the sun to a tomb beyond the horizon.
Inside this day will lay the dead beneath the ailing meadows;
Summer’s heart is torn & spilled, for winter cannot persevere.
Such sadness within a heat of despair will pray for young pulchritudos.
A papilionem flies slowly, across the dry summer’s day, & into, the Eliss of Bliss.

Running along in a nocturnal night draws a lonely deer:
Endlessly gallivanting through a forest of a soulless, carnivorous
Night. A beast roams within the shadows; with razor teeth, shall it
Enrich itself in the deer's crimson ichor. Though in time comes the Sun, to enclose the phantom, guiding the forlorn fawn to the Eliss of Bliss.

Tuscany plains are covered in green, a mare is prancing tall & lean.
Enlightenment smiles within the dark bay, but frowns behind her
Eyes of viridescent. She halts in still-motion, awaiting fearfully for
The black stallion, who’s dashing to her, from the fallen mountains
Of the Alps. Serenity clouds they prance upon, among the sun,
Forevermore, in the Eliss of Bliss.


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