Poem -

Empty Space

Empty Space

We would pop in to visit, if it be passing or planned,
And my children would rush through and play where they land,

Your carpet replaced by pencils and toys,
And the atmosphere filled with laughter and noise.

They would smudge cake or chocolate all down your shirt,
You would watch them and smile and say "It wont hurt,"

You have turned into a horse and had them ride on your back,
And defeated 'ten' baddies with the stolen black sack.

They were happy and safe here, and if they felt tired or sad,
they would curl up on the sofa for a hug with 'Grandad'.

Now ever so quickly this house seems so still,
Replaced by an enormous hole I can never refill.

Ive cleaned up the crumbs and the fun and the dirt,
But missing is the voice to tell me "It wont hurt".

It was not just my children who loved to see you,
The truth is you were amazing and I loved you too!

I clutch at the sofa as tears roll down my face,
As I play through my momories of this now empty space.

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