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The infamous glass slipper, intrinsic qualities
Essential is a man to avoid mediocrity
From generations previous ingrained is the idealistic prince
We are taught to bow, paint over beauty and smile to convince
Withhold our inner lioness, fire and aspirations
Limited place and platform to exert our elation

A front row ticket at the back of the success train
Provided and spoken for
we are forced to refrain
Blush, lipstick and fragile hearts
Encouraged to extinguish our internal spark
Our independence blossomes yet is viewed as cynical
Finding our prince charming will always be the pinnacle

An object
An accessory
Our liberty disregarded as reverieĀ 
Despite audacious queens who fought with persistence and strife to ensure future generations an adequate life

Their lip stick stained fangs tore apart their age old restrictions
Undeminished courage remained despite all afflictions

Yet poison still lingers,
accepting ideas of inferiority
Our passion must stay undeterred to avoid this ideologyĀ 
Our beauty is not a curse of an example of weakness
Let us stand unfathomed by those that shun our uniqueness

Unshaken, we rise above narrow minds that confine what it means to be ourselves throughout our time

I'm proud
I'm proud
I'm proud
Let us stand vigorously and proclaim it aloudĀ 

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