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F* You cancer!

F* You cancer!

F*** you cancer, we want you dead!
You have no empathy for the newlywed.
Or the Father, the Mother, the Husband or Wife.
You are vial! You are evil! You take over life!

From elderly to children some unwell and some fit,
They can be Heroes, Good people, you don’t give a sh**!

You’re sneaky, you’re silent and you think we are slack,
Well I am here to tell you, we are prepared to fight back!
The research and treatment helps ill people become well,
But we need to see more of them ringing the bell.

So, F*** you cancer! You’ve targeted Sisters and Brothers,
This is my Plea I am going to share with others…………

Don’t miss your screenings or forget routine tests,
Men check your Balls and Ladies your Breasts!
Whether you have issues when peeing or problems with poo,
Don’t assume it will pass you know what to do,

If you notice a change in your body at all,
Don’t hesitate or wait, just give your Doctor a call.

Raise awareness or money, and if you can give,
As by contributing this way may help another to live.

So please stick together, we must act fast!
 And say F*** you cancer, let’s make it a thing of the past!

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Rachel Lewis

Thank you nigel for reading, much appreciated x

Rachel Lewis

Please forward, pass on or post as it is cancer awareness month next month.
thank you so much xxx