Fading To Black (any name suggestions?)

Fading To Black (any name suggestions?)

The inevitable has come,
Knocking on wooden door,
I open to succumb,
To fall onto floor,

Black.. Mysterious, radiating cold,
Death marches in,
I knew this had been foretold,
From end to begin,

Chokes the life, from crippled being,
Time ticks,
Life fleeting,
Given Death’s icy kiss,

I free fall into oblivion of doom,
Blackened soul rise,
Body rest’d in fancy tomb,
I meet my inevitable demise,

All that remain,
Is Death’s reign.

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Gerard McGowan

I love this dark portrayal, death has always been a fascination of mine, not knowing what happens. I've a lot of respect for death And I hope to welcome him into my life rather than unexpectedly meet him.

Great poetry Hazel.

Terry Kay

Hazel, admirable write.  I loved it.  Terry Kay

Hazel O’Grady

Thank you so so much! I was on lunch break and imagine my surprise opening a message that says not only I’ve won $100... But my poem came in 1st! It’s amazing, I never imagined posting this it would win! Wow I’m freaking out 😂

Greg Etsell

That so much fun when that happen you have wonderful day

Edward Williams

Awesome job .. I felt the same when I won 50 last month .. congrats👏