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Sunflowers have always been my symbol of joy
Warm summer days
The sun bleaching my hair 
And darkening my skin
The cacophony of creatures calling to each other in the cool night air
The sweet smokey scent of marshmallows 
Roasting over a monstrous campfire
Staring into the flames as small villages take shape
Sunflowers also signify that summer is almost at its end
I realize as a chill runs through my body chasing the last of the season's warmth
But summer's death rattle leaves me with no morose feelings or contemplative of life's woes
The anticipation of fall fills me with a forgotten feeling of peace
Hope does a quiet stir
I take a deep breath 
The smell of decay comforting
As I let my lungs dispel this breath, I listen to the quiet
The air so devoid of noise I feel I'm the only one in existence
Not such a bad thing 
Autumn has always been my favorite season
There's a crisp clean smell that is carried on the wind 
The cool air feels like a caress as it ruffles my hair and tickles my cheek
The riot of colors that adorn the mountainside
Leaves me in awe and convinced that Mother Nature is the first and greatest artist in all the universe
And though I dread winter and the memory of summer still lingers
I know fall is the season for change
Death to all I need not hold onto anymore

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Marion Price

Very lovely,I'm there in the scene 🌹 

Heather Crismond

Thank you!! So am I in every shrub, flower and the lake beyond :)