Poem -

Flowers Beneath the Snow

Flowers Beneath the Snow

the doors creaked as a solemn gust escaped
faces fallen, on each, sadness was draped
an early morning, the ground wet with dew
each heart familiar for one they all knew
all gathered together as family
all felt the same, all waiting anxiously
waiting for their turn, a turn of regret
a turn of shaky breath none would forget
the same empty thoughts filled each of their heads
could I have loved more? what could I have said?
was it my fault? did I not do enough?
was every happy smile just a bluff?
could I have called it? uncovered the pain?
if I did, would it have wiped away stains?
would it have even mattered at this point?
or would all I had done just disappoint?
did I make it worse? decrease the time left?
did my want to help her turn into theft?
if I weren't standing here, would she still be?
would her soft heart, caring eyes still be seen?
maybe so, but now I will never know
she's covered by a fresh layer of snow
still, nothing could ever make me forget
the nights she increased my number of breaths
I never really thanked her, so I stand
with pain in my heart, flowers in my hand
telling her stories of joy she gave me
cause, without her, there wouldn't be any
though now I see life a thing to be loved
she thought the flame in her heart should be snuffed
I don't even know why, and never will
why she had thought that her grave should be filled
it shouldn't, but it's too late to tell her
along with all that I told her after
I just wish she saw what she made me see
saw, herself, how beautiful life could be
I wish she saw how many lives she's changed
how crushing it was, her flowers arranged
the pain dripping down our cheeks from her face
how our hearts broke when they lowered her case
how they covered her shattered dreams with dirt
and engraved the stone with her date of birth
how her last name was the first in the ground
no parents, grandparents, or others found
it clearly wasn't meant to be like this
she was too young, and too soon to be missed
but she chose this end for a pain short spent
for a problem she could quickly prevent
though now the problem is gone, so is she
now she won't live the joy she made me see
though I am thankful for the breaths I laugh
I wish I could hear hers with all I have

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Tony Taylor

Dear poet sister ALESSANDRA!!
This was VERY moving.... so many phrases that painted powerful imagery beautifully in
Β my minds eye...... but the one that truly took my breath away ~

Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β  ~ "Now she won't live the joy sheΒ made me see..."

For some reason that line choked me up..... brought tears to my eyes...... perhaps because I had a friend who died by jumping off of a building and I could never understand why........ and still, to this very day.....I think of him
And the things he made me see....... regardless, it is a well conceived and BEAUTIFULLY delivered poetic Elegy....... thank you so much for sharing this.........ALL STARS!! & PINNED!!......... well penned my friend!!........LOVE & ROCKETS!!........T xo. : )

Alessandra Scarlet

Thank you so much for your lovely words, it brings me so much joy that other minds understand what I am trying to say and are moved by my words. I'm very sorry for your loss. I have never lost someone extremely close to me, but my heart aches for those who have, especially for those who's friends took their own life. That empathy for their pain inspired me to write this, that people pondering taking their own life may reconsider. Thank you again for all the encouragement :)