Poem -

For Him

For Him

Chasing your trace all over space
Pasting your thoughts is only my base thing
Why not even a small glare
Shedding my tears and couldn't bear
Darling, please be with me here
Nothing but, I need you to care
Baby, remember the days when we cuddle
You made my happiness double
Why I'm facing such trouble
Look, how I have to scribble!!!!

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Tony Taylor

Hi KIRUTHIKA!!....I think I know how you feel.....when you miss someone so much that you find yourself keeping them alive with your words.....and find that you're doing without even thinking about it.....you just need to do it! ~

                             ~ "Why I'm facing such trouble
                                 Look, how I have to scribble...."

A succinctly fine Elegy dear poet sister!!.....ALL STARS!!....well done....and....WELCOME to COSMO!!......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.....T xo 🐧✴❤

Kiruthika Siva


Thank you so much, Tony!
Your words sweet like honey :)