Poem -



`She won’t get any better`, that’s what I was told,
Due to her heart and her chest and the fact that she old,
To tell me all this about a lady so strong was breaking my heart,
I prayed they were wrong.

She lies in her bed in her room of many years,
Cared for by loved ones, who`s dependence once hers.

This day a celebration the birth of the Lord,
To me a day remembered as the day my heart pored,

I held on to her hand and did not leave her side,
I waited until she slept, and that’s when I cried.
I tried to stay brave and not let her know,
That I was terrified, that soon she would go.

Most of the family left to rest for the night,
But I stayed right there, petrified of what might.

I gave her a hug and told her that I…
Loved her so much as I tried not to cry.
We both fell asleep until quarter to seven,
And that’s when she cashed in the ticket to Heaven.
I knew when she got there my Grandad would wait
As long as was needed until she got to the gate.

I wrapped my arms around her and grieved for this fighter,
Praying to God that she would hug tighter.
I stayed with her body, my feelings under attack,
There is nothing I wouldn’t have given for her to come back.

The festive season meant a bit of a delay,
For the funeral I dreaded, once done this in May.

The Service was Lovely but again broke my heart,
As Grandma had been with me right from the start.
I will miss her always and love her forever,
Her body has died but my memories will never.
I hoped shed be there when I was a bride
But an Angel was needed and that’s why she died.


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Tony Taylor

A lovely and VERY compelling piece of poetic verse... delivered in a near narrative prose that brings out the deeply emotional aspects of the relationship!!.......I think everyone who has the opportunity to read this will relate to it as a Very well crafted Elegy ...... its phrasing strikes some powerfully familiar chords!!.....ALL STARS!!.... well done dear poet sister!!..... and..... in case no one has said so.......WELCOME to COSMO RACHEL!!......LOVE & ROCKETS!!......T xo 🐧❤

Rachel Lewis

Thank you very much for your kind kind comments and welcome, I am pleased you feel you can relate to this piece and hope others can too.