Poem -

Hate Me

I'm not lying when I tell you I hate myself

I don't want your reassuring words or superficial compliments

This is not just a physical battle

But a mental war

I draw my sword

Do you know what it's like to want to be alone, but you're stuck with everything that you hate...

Cutting and dissecting every word, action and look

I raise my shield to block a blow

Maybe I should let the blood flow

 A person you despise as you look in the mirror. 

Nothing seems clearer

I will be fighting my closes enemy

So let the fires rage 

As I disengage


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Dblankportrait ...

Very empowering, as you accepted your defeat..I can so relate to this, as I often wonder if so one can peel back the layers of reflection, to a time where being clueless held a simpler form, there wasn't a need to look away😊

Smiles we're innocent back then😉


E. Rae Mashburn

I enjoy how you get my words so easily! You truly are a blessing! Thank you my friend!

E. Rae

David King

 you have a great talent in expressing yourself through words the words are sad but as long as you speak the truth it shall set you free and this feeling for hate of yourself I believe cannot last forever please keep on writing and I'll keep on reading five stars