Poem -

Heart Of A Woman

Heart Of A Woman

The heart of a woman can love you a thousand ways
Mending herself preparing for those better days
Giving it her all through all the tears and pain
The heart of a woman love's her family 
Loves her king
Walking in faith with every swing
A heart of a woman is loyal to what she believes in
Old school at heart with values and morals never tempted to lust within
The heart of a woman meant to be protected
The heart of a woman should never be neglected or disrespected
If you are blessed enough to have the heart of a real woman you should treat it as that

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Jill Tait

OMG so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️ Pinned xxx

Tony Taylor

YAY!!....CONGRATULATIONS on your nomination for the February contest...... this is most definitely a deserving poem ~

                           "The heart of a woman should never be neglected
                            Or disrespected!!...."

Amen to that dear poet sister!!...... Congrats again on your nomination..... and..... Good Luck to you Black Butterfly!!....... LOVE & ROCKETS!!......tony. xo.  : )

BlackButterfly ...

Thank you so much and I am truly a blessed woman and in complete shock !!!!!!  I'm happy you guys loved it peace and blessings to you!!

Terry Kay

Beautifully written and so true.  Terry Kay