Poem -

Hearts That Heal

You are delivered by a lady in white
She delivers the news to me.

I see you
Helpless as a puppy in a pound
Squirming for a hug that I give you, sparingly

You are ripped from my skin like a seal from a packetĀ 
I am nakedĀ 
I am bare
I am guilty
I am soreĀ 
I am empty
I am nothing

You are raw as a rasherĀ 
Your angry skin roars with your cries
As I
Cry with you
As though noise could healĀ 
and resealĀ 

We are brokenĀ 
in soul and in bond
You will never remember these cries
I will remember enough for both of us

You will reseal
Your heart will heal
You will one day cry over broken toys and spelling tests and lost jigsaw pieces

You will always beĀ 
and never be


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