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Pride is heavy. It'll squeeze the helium right out 'cha. Side note. . . Did ya know they mix helium with oxygen in the ER? If I recall correctly they say it eases the intake. Heliox! That's the name. Heliox. . . Anyway. . . What was I getting at... Oh yeah, I learned what an Alpha particle is just now and I always equate scientific discovery with my ideas about Diety. I shed a lot of single tears of Awe. If they were tears of joy I could make a killing with a cozy alchemist apothecary. Hell, who am I kidding, I also just learned that. . .

* AĀ negative forceĀ implies an attractiveĀ force. TheĀ forceĀ is directed along the line joining the two charges.*. . .

.... I'll be 80 million years old before I can cry enough tears of joy to make an honest go at a brick and mortar apothecary. We'll need 99 luft balloons. Oh yeah, an Alpha particle is identical to a helium4 nucleus. It's like some kind of light-gas-ray or something. It's lit.

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