Poem -

How I Love You

My King oh how I love you
How I love that smile that brightens my skies
Yes my love, it is true
How I love those deep pool's of chocolate eye's

You have waltzed into my life
Bringing so much love within your soul
I'm so proud to be called your wife
I will proudly hold this role

Everytime I talk to you, I can see it in your eye's
The way you look at me
No one can deny
Our love is what everyone dream's of, we all can agree

Our love is powerful because
Not only two heart's combined, but four
Yes we love despite all our flaws
That, we won't ignore

Our flaws is what make's us family
We love eachother till death then some more
It's never uncannily
It's love that cut's deeply to the core

Nothing will stop us
From reaching our dream
Cause in one another we have trust
It's just apart of our scheme

We've been laughed at many time's before
Being told we know nothing of love
On the contrary, we know so much more
After all, our love is what help's us rise above

My King, we have so much love for you
You mean the world to our children
You have our heart's through and through
As long as we are together we will always be one.
Always and forever.

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