Poem -

I Am...

I Am...

I am the claymaker
The sculptor in throws
The potter's wheel
The to and the fro's.

I am the stranger's smile
The voices they bring
Good tidings of joy
The angels, they sing.

I am the man in the moon
The nursery rhyme
The newborn's first laugh
A tale told in time.

I am the horse run, free
The tossling mane
The prairieland's pride
The grazing cows, tame.

I am the migrant foul
The all seeing eye,
The needle that threads
The temple awry.

I am the wayward winds
The tumbleweed that drifts
A deserting land
The mountain that lifts.

I am the widow's wail
A lost soul to part
The life justly taken
A mortal dwelling's depart.

I am the whispering veil
The greatest divide
The spirits of ole
And essence in stride.

I am the teardrop forgotten
The hollow heart's still
The darkness that falls
And chaos enthrilled.

I am the rainstorm, wild
The tidal forset
The trireme's herald
And Ares to debt.

I am the hourglass sands
The balancing weighs
The fulcrum's fair fist
And Libra in raze.

I am the Earth in gestation
The birthright of nations
The son of Adam
The cradle of creation.

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