Poem -

your love of love

your love of love

into my Love of night

i travelled into time
where horses and unicorns dance

a place of joyous youth
a place where mothers hands speaks
in  tones of love and comfort
to a touch

an everlasting paradise
within the heart
never loosing the rhythm
of a note
to a beat
to a sound

as i travel in moods of moon
and enlighting stars of being

only stopping to aspire
another breath
of your heart

the you as you are  a flower delivery

a beauty of petals never dying to a drop

...at times i needed to stay
As you continue to evolve
as a love in flight
as high as you can be beyond the unknown
i could not stop in loving you
For you became as sweet
as a taste to my words
as it lingers in this fantasy
of my quill to every drop of ink

a beautiful place to be
where water flows above my head
and gardens never stop to die
or rot
or stinks to smell of beauty
but live to love
and grow

to live again in love
of life as blossoms of inspiration

as your soul amazes in time.
i journed into my heart
to find
the truth of you as LoVe

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