Poem -

is there anyone ever truly smiling?

Is there Anyone ever truly smiling?

I hold her cold, porcelain hand,..
as a rotten, forced half-grin forms
insecurely by Candle light,..
then ask her why she never smiles.
(or seems surprised.)

How does she stare through me?..
Yet still touch this phantom in my
heart somehow? At times I swear
I can hear her laughing.. at some joke
I'll never figure out! But those lips
(while sweet) don't speak aloud!
(nor have they kissed me then or

Why?! (I scream) do you ignore
my Amorous Plea?...Is there not
A Soul to see within Me?.. and
will there
ever be an honest moment in which
You produce a genuine Heartbeat?...

Or does my Mind create Love
tell me now my Lovely. (Please!)

In absence of any formal response,
I begin folding her delicate fingers
back into their former position.
but,..perhaps a Kiss will bring her back?...
Then I feel warm breath like in my
visions! of Darkness, Rage,
and Candle wax!  Yet... isn't it a
shame.. how every candle ends the

(once angel blood puts
out The Flame.)


It must be my curse to sit here..
holding this Porcelain Doll..weeping.
Caressing Raven Hair, carefree
and flowing. Hypnotized by such
mindless Beauty that it keeps me

(is there anyone ever
truly smiling?!)


this is an older work of mine some
of you may or may not recall. it has
been somewhat modified.

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Cherie Leigh

Wow!  What haunting imagery of one who is lifeless like a porcelain doll, and hiding her emotions, or worse unable to show emotions.  The depiction of him holding her in his arms and weeping is powerful!  Awesome re-write, J.  xo ;)