Poem -

Johnny Rocket

Johnny Rocket

Every morning he’d wave goodbye
To the staff at the nursing home,
Then strap himself into his jetpack
And waddle off to town
Most towns seemed to have one
“Characters” with a made up name,
They Just want to live their lives
Alas, they achieve a kind of fame
He’d walk to town, to see old friends
Barely a nickel in his pocket,
He caused a stare- but he didn't care,
Because his name was Johnny Rocket
It’s a mystery what happened to him
You see, no one seems to know,
I like to think he’s a blazing star
Looking down on us below.

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John Astley

Thank you Kieran, its actually a true story  he lived in a small town in southern Ontario, eventually in a home. A bit of a character in the town of Port Colborne, my Auntie,  who lives there, told me that one day he just disappeared.

Larry Ran

My Dear John,

As usual, another humorous anecdote.

Unbelievably, down in Florida, there are a chain of restaurants named "Johnny Rockets".  Maybe you should write them, and tell them the true story of your Auntie's friend "Johnny Rocket".

Peace and Love,
Larry xxx


A great poem, John. Loved it. I', sure if we all opened our eyes we'd see many more interesting characters like the subject of your writing.