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L*** Poems, Sonnets, and Declarations

L*** Poems, Sonnets, and Declarations

They are there
In star like quantities
At the starting
Of all romances

Clichéd cluttered
Tired sentiment, soured
Overspoke, unimaginative
Still heart felt

And yet here I am
Swept up to this trough
Long since emptied, scraped
Vacuous, verbiage forsaken

In an attempt to express the inexpressible 
To describe the force 
That filled a trillion’s brests

That started wars
That took untold lives
Filled a sea of tears
A heart’s missive, cheek traced

What fool would take up inked pen
What half-whit lend a tongue
Only those of intoxicated heart
Is this not proof enough

That you are my tomorrows
That I breathe only you
My eternity filled
I am complete