Poem -

Life is a Waterfall

Life is a Waterfall

The river is calm,
It's life's healing balm,
Gently flowing down,
like a maidens nightgown.

Simply going through the motions,
just like all the stuck up oceans,
Keeping up, by speeding up,
Just like a horse would gallop.

But little does the river know,
the path it is to follow,
is gonna be daringly steep.
And danger will be very deep.

Then when you least expect it,
CRASH! SPLASH! The trial has hit!
Over a rock! Whitewater and shock!

Falling, falling, never stopping,

Your in a waterfall,
Cascading through it all,

Now it's over and done,
the battles been won,
Now just keep on going,
The garden keep sowing,

There's a bump here and there,
No need to despair,
For struggles and strife,
are all part of life.

It's all calm once more,
but more is in store,
So just do your best,
and you'll pass the test.

For it's true, we will fall down these harsh waterfalls.
But how long we will spend underneath them,
being pounded by gallons of grudges and guilt,
is always and forever up to us.

May you choose to enjoy the calm waters,
instead of missing out by focusing on the falls.


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a very strong and powerful poem! i like this poem a LOT !

i really like all the comparisons, the maidens nightgown,  and the galloping horse.

a good idea, to use the idea of a waterfall ....


Edward Williams

I love how you now how to end  a poem I respect that a lot I think and ending is just as imprtant as the moral or the motto or the msg great poem