Poem -



“You ungrateful ass child ,what the fuck  do u have to be depressed about, do you not receive enough money or clothes ,do I not come to all your school shows, why do you feel upset ?I’m not the reason for your sadness it’s your own fault just smile if your sad ,it’s not that hard!

Mirror mirror on the wall a black girl stands tall her depression is foreshown  a shadow stares back , the demons shadow one that follows her like a lost puppy she’s unhappy feels abandoned she needs a sip of hope and a touch of faith

“Get the fuck out my head !
Why you always hurting me trying to mess up my already fucked up life”?!
The sadness never stops creeping in It’s hands outstretched ,placed in mine we are now official bound to one another till death do us part 

I close my eyes to sleep everynight hoping I don’t wake up the next day... but I do ,I thank God but wonder why he lets me suffer ,my faith drifting away it’s all a misunderstanding I’m not the child you made and put in the world I’ve changed for better ... no , for worse