Look Deeper

Look Deeper

Life is what you make it
God gave it to you therefore no one can take it
Even though no one seems to understand it
Its given to you and only you can handle it
The stars are aligned
Keep faith everything happens for a reason
He gives the hardest battles to his strongest soldiers
Stay true
This is your season
The stones you create on your on and some not your own are your stepping stone
Never give up rise above it all reclaim your thrown
This life is yours and only your own
No one can tell you how or when
It is your own
Be fearless, be brave even if you have to break a few hearts along the way
The story starts off simple but it creates a wave
Embrace who you are and the story will change
Faith and the universe can give you the muscle to survive
To you I say when the clouds of darkness show their face
Look to the heavens faith without work is dead
Tomorrow is always A brighter day

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ย positively Beautiful words โค๏ธ


Your words dropped my jaw. Stunning Black Queen๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ’œ


Thank and congratulations on your win!!!! I loved your work!!!

Rebecca Pringle

I felt as if your poem was written for me. I know it wasn't. Or maybe it was... Either way, that is the sign of a good writer. Congratulations!