Poem -



I think I’m losing me
I hear so many other’s
When I speak.
Their words, I just parrot 

Some one said
I walk like John Wayne
Well then,
Who walks like me?

Someone told me 
I’m right winged
But I’m left handed
And incapable of flight

My brother told me 
I sound like Dad
So even my voice
Belongs to another

Granddad always
Parted his hair like that
You bite your lip
Just like Aunt Thelma

You and your crazy sister
Think just alike 
Your poetry sounds like 
That stuff we read in school

I think I can see through me
When I shave
So I stare at the door
Through my face

When does it happen
Do I disappear
Fade to nothing
Surrender to opaque 

Well let’s get this over with
I’m tired of being so many
Somewhere along this way
I lost me

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Wow I wish I could lose me in such scintillating poetry as yours. There is pun and word play and I enjoyed the winged humour lots. Kudos.!!!

pls pleez do comment/ review my newest poem too .